He Rules the World Soundtrack Now Available!

A Concert Telling of the Nativity Story

He Rules the World

Music and Lyrics by

Peter B. Emerson

Narration written by

Terri Lynn Castleberry

executive producers

Jennifer Emerson and Kevin Sorbo

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BEHIND THE SCENES: Subscribe for Updates

About the Production

He Rules the World is a family-friendly, contemporary live concert event that blends song, narration, and imagery to tell the Nativity story in its entirety. Starting with the prophesies that foretold the coming of Christ and chronologically taking audiences all the way to the fulfillment of those prophesies, He Rules the World uses both familiar Christmas themes and original material to seamlessly develop a new and rich musical tapestry.

The Nativity story will come to life as the concert experience and lyrical character development immerses audiences in an exploration of the points of view of the primary participants in the story: Mary, Joseph, the Angel Gabriel, the Innkeeper, Herod, and the Wise Men. He Rules the World features a live five-piece band with five singers and is supported by projected animation, motion graphics, and lights, along with narration by Executive Producer and filmmaker Kevin Sorbo (God’s Not Dead, Hercules). 

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