He Rules the World Soundtrack Now Available!


ITSUIC Music LLC is a production company co-founded by Peter B. Emerson and Jennifer Emerson. The company name is an acronym for It’s You I See, which comes from the title track of Peter’s album It’s You I See, a collection of original compositions and jazz standards (available on all major streaming platforms). 

Peter and Jennifer formed ITSUIC Music LLC shortly after Peter shared his vision for He Rules the World with Jennifer. Jennifer was drawn to the faith-based project that she could envision attending with her young daughter year after year, especially in a world where age-appropriate entertainment options seem to continually shrink. Immediately after hearing a demo recording of He Rules the World in late 2021, Jennifer encouraged Peter to bring it to the stage for Christmas 2022. After several months of prayer, hard work, setbacks, determination, perseverance, and amazing opportunities – sometimes all at the same time – they did just that! The world premiere of He Rules the World took place on December 3, 2022, in Austin, TX. 

Peter and Jennifer hope to expand the reach of He Rules the World in future years and also develop and produce additional projects. 

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