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About He Rules the World

He Rules the World is a family-friendly, contemporary live concert event that blends song, narration, and imagery to tell the Nativity story in its entirety, starting with the prophesies of Isaiah and telling the story of the birth of Christ up until Herod dies and Joseph, Mary, and Jesus return from Egypt. He Rules the World it is not a play and is not acted out, but is instead an immersive concert experience that uses lyrical character development to explore the human side of the young family and other participants in the Nativity story as God’s plan is fulfilled.

He Rules the World was composed and arranged by Peter B. Emerson, a composer, educator, performer, and church musician who has lived in Texas for over 20 years. It also includes narration written by Texas native Terri Lynn Castleberry. Additional members of the production team include Executive Producer Jennifer Cheskiewicz, Executive Producer and Narrator Kevin Sorbo (Hercules, God’s Not Dead), Director and Videographer Matt Chauncey (Frame), film Producer Camille Scioli Chambers (12 Mighty Orphans), and Co-Producer and Featured Performer David Gaschen (The Phantom of the Opera).

The production team believes that He Rules the World will be both a world-class concert experience and a ministry outreach to help people understand and embrace the true meaning of Christmas. After the premiere performances of He Rules the World in December 2022, the team will begin exploring avenues for broader audience reach in future years, including possibilities such as theater residencies, tours, and streaming opportunities.

Kevin, Jen, & Peter
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