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Composer's Statement

A few years ago, I took my daughter to a “Christmas” concert event. It was a large national tour sponsored by Hallmark and it was spectacular – with lights, lasers, sounds, and big rockin’ guitar solos. The concert was very entertaining but the one thing that was missing from this “Christmas” presentation was any mention of the Christ Child. In fact, as I recall, the only reference to Christmas was the use of the phrase “the spirit of Christmas.” 

Shortly thereafter, I set out to create an original concert event that not only refers to Christ, but indeed tells His nativity story from the prophesies of Isaiah through the family’s return to Nazareth after the death of Herod. Thus was born He Rules the World, an original work that blends familiar Christmas melodies with new material to tell the Nativity story from the perspective of the participants.

He Rules the World performs with a five-piece live band and five additional singers to tell the story through song, narration, cutting-edge LED visuals, and a modern light show. Though it is not a play, or acted out, I believe that the show dives into the human side of Mary and Joseph in a way never explored before. At our journey’s end, we are left with the wonder of the miracle that God provided mankind.


~ Peter B. Emerson​

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